Invite young people to join the Nirvana group

: I just finished college, suitable for joining it?
: fit, do the concept of sales is to use 10 years to reach 20 years to earn money!

: I will not do anything, you can operate it?
: Yes, the wealthy group offers free courses and methods, so that we can easily reach sales.

: I am afraid of contact with the dead, that impact?
: No effect, because most of our customers are pre-order, if there is received dead customers, we also have a professional service team to deal with, so do not be afraid.

: listen to others that earn the money of the dead, not for me!
: We earn the service fee that the company gives us, and the customer is also very grateful to us, because let the deceased, the final gift, handled satisfactorily.

: I am so young, a customer believe me?
Now, the funeral industry, has been young, and many young people have done very successful, the rich group is deeply rooted in the public, and increase customer confidence!

: Every month, you can earn 5 thousand?
: If you are willing to work hard, insist, will be able to exceed this number, you want to earn more, then you must work harder, a young partner, has 20,000 to 30,000 per month!

: Thank you, I have great confidence! I decided to join the Nirbana group!
: Welcome, let us work together to create wealth enterprises!

Jack Ma said:
Smart people, most looking for a salary of work,
Silly people, will start, but most of the rich!

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