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Sheng Ji Feng Shui (Pre-Need Tomb)
It comes with numerous blessings for all.

What is “Sheng Ji Feng Shui” (Pre-Need Tomb)

“Sheng Ji Feng Shui” literally means “The Foundation Of Life” where people erect their tombs in advance while still living. “Sheng Ji Feng Shui” reverse hapless lot into a prosperous fate by blending the energy of 5 elements and characters related to one’s date of birth and the geographical magnetic force with one’s meritorious deeds.

Benefits of “Sheng Ji Feng Shui” (Pre-Need Tomb)

The customs live on until today and the Chinese population in Malaysia is fond of making use of the principle of “Sheng Ji Feng Shui” to help evoke blessings of achievements, longevity upon themselves and the families. The whole idea is that by erecting “Sheng Ji Feng Shui” , one’s bad destiny is reversed and turn into a prosperous one.
* Abundant blessings to health and longevity
* Bring luck and fortune to career and family
* Wealth and prosperity to next generations

The Positive Effects of ‘Sheng Ji Feng Shui”

Energy of 5 elements, “Qi” and characters related to one’s date of birth can bring good effects within half to one year.

* Those with illness will appear healthier.
* Love an joy will come to life, with laughter and happiness, and even reunion from a companion or families.
* Career improvement, abundant blessings, wealth and prosperity and a smooth journey in life with all your dreams coming true.



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