Life Pre-Planning


1. Funeral of your responsibility.
Like planning your assets and build your wills, pre-planning your funeral is emotionally and financially reasonable and protect your loved ones from the funeral service for your planning burden.

2. Reduce your family’s guess.
You can remove the family had very difficult moments, make difficult decisions burden. After you record your wishes, they would not have to guess what you want.

3. Personalized service.
Advance planning of your lifetime contract that allows you to participate in every aspect of the funeral service. Is this your funeral should be the way you want to celebrate your life.

4. Avoid impulsive overspending.
Communicate with your family and your exact desired commodity ritual ceremony to avoid them for your purchase additional merchandise.

5. Lock today’s prices.
If you are planning to pay funeral expenses in advance, you can lock in today’s prices of goods and services. This price will certainly increase in the future. Whether your desire is to ensure the implementation of, or protect your family from reborn when you make difficult decisions, planning your funeral in advance is an important responsibility, but also you can give your loved one the best”

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