How Living in Passion training will transform your life?

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We have witnessed thousands of lives:

  • transformed;
  • relationships healed;
  • wealth and abundance grow; and
  • health restored.

Living in Passion training has to be attended first by participants, before they attend the advanced programs in MiracleLife. This training helps them to:

  • Form a solid foundation to live with more passion and experience drive and discipline to make things happen in all areas of their lives and create results.
  • Become more at ease and live more of  their amazing authentic selves.

Here’s what You’ll Learn in 3.5-Day Training (Worth SGD$1,138)

Profound world-class processes to:

  • Learn the formula to enable permanent breakthroughs in all areas of your lives!
  • Experience more love, passion and happiness in work and relationships!
  • Identify the mindsets that are causing you challenges in creating the successes you crave for in different areas of your life!
  • Walk out of the training with a Daily Power Process that you can use every day to shift yourself from procrastination to immediate action!
  • Break yourself out from fear and ego based emotions and get in touch with the light!
  • Beat your own expectation in achieving your goals.
  • Unleash the potential that you thought did not exist and experience this power in the training!
  • Have the courage to do what you know you should do but were too afraid to do them before.
  • Provide you opportunities to become aware of your habits and behaviours and discover whether these habits are bringing you to success.
  • Give you the opportunity to be shaken at a cellular level and release the old dis-empowering beliefs and emotional patterns that have been the causes of your unsatisfactory results in your life.


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Disclaimer: The website owner is a graduate from this training. Introducing to you hope you can benefit from the training. If you have any queries, please direct contact

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