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To my dearest friends,

Lobang Queen, sounds very resourceful for you? I m surprised that when I introduce myself as BoBo Tan to a new friend, he or she will scream and said, you are the one ! Lobang Queen! Oh my goodness! This is incredible! Who is this BoBo Tan actually? She is going to author a book. She will tell you how she went through her roller coaster life. She will tell you how she become Lobang Queen who connect many people. She will tell you what’s her action to benefit the whole Asia’s People. If you are interested with what she is doing, she is inviting you to come on board to this project as her supporting partner. Hope you could support her publication.

Join BOBO TAN to contribute more Lobang to the world!

BoBo Tan is welcome you, anyone, or an entrepreneur or a business owners, to come on board to support her on The Lobang Queen Book’s Project.

  1. You may do pre-order individually. S$20 per book.
  2. You may do pre-order in bulk. S$20 per book.
  3. You may contribute your idea in my book. Each contribution S$1,000 per individual or per company, to support this book publishing. You must be a company’s Founder, Director, CEO, Owners, Management level, Or entrepreneurs. 4 pages will be given. Your Photo (can be individual photo or the company logo). Your name, Title, Your Quote of Life. Please provide your information about: Your Profile. Your Lobang (Opportunity, Services, Products), Your Proven Strategies, Your Best Lobang Idea. Your Contact details including, company name, UEN, address, Tel, Email, Website. Each pre-order will be issued a receipt. Please provide your Full Name, address, email upon pre-order.

Book Publishing Plan

1) Publish 2,000 copies

2) S$20 per copy

3) Targeted complete in Mid of 2017 (it may be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. (eg. Not enough funds, delay of the editing, delay of the publishing). Funds needed for editing and publishing, estimated S$20,000. Logistics and others fees, estimated S$5,000. Marketing fees, estimated S$5000. If everything allows, this book will be incorporated with a newly form up company with The Lobang Queen name. Set up and operation fees, estimated S$5,000. Thanks.


May you be well and happy.

Best Regards,
BoBo Tan
Mobile: +65-9457 4732

Note: You may contact me if you want to do Bank Transfer.























Book $20
PayPal Charge $22, including Paypal charges.