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Channel Partners Checklist :



No. Category Description
1 Accounting Accounting:full spectrum accounting service except auditing,information consumer reseaches
2 Construction Powder coating industry
3 Education Coaches:performers coaches (sales coaches)- public speaking coaches ( presenting coaches)- culture coaches ( cross border culture)- training coaches ( WDA coaches)- able to conduct 35 headcounts or 1 on 1.
4 Events Events management (Personal, group, portable insurances, helping corporates plan seminars, workshops, bazaars.)
5 F&B South Africa Wines
6 F&B Coffee green beans sales(need to clear existing stock to coffee roasters within this year)
7 Financial Financial planner
8 Health Care Mobile optometrist (Do comprehensive eye checks for individual via house visits to corporate talks and eye check up . Specs at Corp Rates)
9 Health Care Health & Wellness – Instant Fresh Brewed liquid Coffee- help to lose weight due to the natural extract in it lioe green Coffee beans- helps in health benefits as there is Lingzhi extracts.do Coffee Tasting session as well. If u are interested, gather 5 people, can do a mini coffee tasting.
10 IT IT Equipment, etc; Samsung copier, laptops, iPhone, iPad, NAS, server, IP Phone systems, Solutions, etc; Payroll, Facial Recognition, CCTV w/remote access, POS system for retail, Website w/ecommerce.
11 IT Video creation & marketing – Create customised animated videos (Pls note: NOT “live” video), Develop video marketing strategies & plans
12 IT IT service:Sem/Seo , cyber security, ERP , Mobile Apps, customization in house software
13 Job Career Jobs portal , on Mission to Give Everyone a Career. The only job portal that showcase your office culture.
14 Job Career Recruitment service:General recruitment,Search recruitment,Place across SEA, NEA region
15 Logistics Freight Forwarding Services
16 Marketing Branding & Advertising
17 Marketing Digital marketing- Develop social media strategies & plans,Create & manage social media paid advertising, Develop sales funnels 2 capture leads & convert visitors 2 customers, Create & manage email marketing campaigns 4 biz owners with email lists
18 Marketing Marketing:mainstream marketing,Smm marketing,digital content marketing,information consumer reseaches
19 Real Estate Commercial property management














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